Border Skirmish

Poutine, or pizza? CN Tower, or Empire State Building? Moose, or rat? Which side of Niagara Falls do you prefer? Can't decide...then let the finals of the SDFHL Holiday Charity Tournament decide for you, as Canada takes on New York in a battle for the ages. Whoever wins, we all do. All of the money we have collected will be going to worthy causes, and I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity and refreshing human spirit. All teams will play this Sunday, with games starting at 4:30pm. Whether or not you plan on playing, please come out and help provide one final push in our outstanding efforts to this point. We have $3,000 in our sights, and we are loading up the raffle, rolling out a 50/50 draw, and likely breaking out some prop bet shennanigans to bring us to our goal.



Invites for the Spring 2018 season are out...please let me know if you did not receive one (

Summer League 2017: Hero Division

Team W-L-T PTS
Black [1]
7-3-3 17
White [2]
6-4-3 15
Royal Blue [3]
5-4-4 14
Orange [4]
3-7-3 9
Green [E]
0-10-3 3

Summer League 2017: Villain Division

Team W-L-T PTS
Crimson [1]
7-0-6 20
Purple [2]
7-4-2 16
Grey [3]
7-4-2 16
Red [4]
6-4-3 15
Yellow [E]
2-10-1 5

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