The Good, The Bad, And The Eliminated

Life is hard, that's why no one survives. Even super heroes and super villains come to often-not-so-super ends. With two weeks left in the regular season, we are shocked and saddened to report the loss of playoff life for two teams. On the hero side, we lost 'The Pynncredible Hulks'. Captain Jordan Pynn's green-clad crew looked promising on paper, but spluttered to their demise with no wins in eleven games. Pynn might have bolstered his team's chances this season, but he encountered some attendance issues centered around his green card (irony, anyone?). On the villain side, we bid adieu to 'Reverse Flash'. Captain Tony Rissi's Yellow showed flashes of strength, but their 0-4-0 slide has reversed all of that. So, while we eulogize the fallen, we still have two weeks left in the season. The four teams in each division that have secured a playoff berth now hope only to improve their position in preparation for the first two rounds of knockout play.

White followed up an impressive 2-2 tie against Crimson with a not-nearly-as-impressive 1-1 tie with Green. Green got on the board first (Mostafa Azab), but Dan Ciraolo's league-lead-tying fourteenth goal also tied the score on the power play minutes later. Steve Testen stopped 12/13, while Stephen Fox went 16/17 in a fill in role for Elliot Hicks. Green have been effectively eliminated from playoff contention for a few weeks now, but this result makes it super, super official. White have lost ground in the Hero Division to Black, but are just one point back of the top spot with two weeks to play.

Red took full advantage of the absence of red hot Purple netminder, Cory Brin, scoring three times in the third to best Purple, 4-2. To be fair, one of those scoring balls went into an empty net, but, hey...a goal's a goal, right, Eric Willard? Justin Stege, Nick Adkins, and Emily Lincoln scored the real goals for Red, while Ashish Wadhwa and Dan Jurgens provided all but one real answer for Purple. Red is in a dog fight with Grey over the third and fourth seeds in the Villain playoff bracket, while Purple will look to topple Crimson from the top spot with a win in their head-to-head rematch this Sunday.

Crimson stayed out of the loss column with a 1-1 draw with Grey. Karen 'Crimson Killer' Linke helped Captain Mark DeGraffenreid break a scoreless tie late in the third, but...Hepler from Wirt for the tie just over a minute later...of course. Sean Kelly returned from Europe to claim POTW honors with his 27/28 showing, while Marcos Merlos' 10/11 was enough to keep a '0' in the L column for his team.

Kris Tosczak continued to ascend the league scoring slope, tallying twice in vain, as Orange fell to Royal Blue, 3-2. Danielle Franco-Morrison (possibly inspired by her team's pregame cheer?) scored Royal Blue's first in the first, Vinny Santora negated Tosczak's second in the second, and Jerry Gonzales sneaked the game-winner in with 0:14 left in the middle period. The result puts Royal Blue in at the three seed for now, leaving Orange at four. Both teams have a tough two weeks ahead, as Orange face Hero Division leaders, Black and White, while Royal Blue take on White, then Villain top contender, Purple.

Black put the final nail in Yellow's coffin, 3-1. Theodore 'Andy' Strathman scored his first (!!!) goal of the season in the second, but it would be all of the offense that Yellow could mustard (see what I did there?). Steve Noceti also scored his first of the season in the second, which would prove to be the game-winner. Mark Daquipa and Francois Bereaud scored in the first, and third, respectively, and Alaa Razoky recorded two assists in the win. Frédéric Fournier continued his stellar play at Yellow's expense, stopping 25/26 to help propel his team into the Hero Division catbird seat.




Q: How was Aquaman's son delivered?

A: Via SEA-section.

Q: What do you get the Batman who has everything?

A: How about unmurdered parents?

Q: Why couldn't Batman go fishing?

A: Because Robin ate all the worms.

Sean 'Da Kid' Kelly

Summer League 2017: Hero Division

Team W-L-T PTS
6-3-2 14
5-3-3 13
Royal Blue
3-4-4 10
3-6-2 8
Green [E]
0-8-3 3

Summer League 2017: Villain Division

Team W-L-T PTS
6-0-5 17
7-2-2 16
5-4-2 12
5-4-2 12
Yellow [E]
2-8-1 5

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